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Are too many tags slowing down the speed of your site? Are you finding it difficult to maintain and update code snippets in your source files?

Businesses have to implement several tags on their websites to track its performance which is not only time-consuming but it also slows down the site speed. A tag is a snippet of code that lets you monitor online campaigns, measure traffic, and understand user behavior. Basically tags help you make informed decisions for a successful digital marketing strategy. However, all these tags and code snippets on websites can get complex and confusing.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tag management solution that replaces hard-coded tags with dynamic tags (code snippets) for marketing optimization and traffic analysis. It lets you manage analytics, user and campaign tracking without any dependence on IT.

We at Qompera are experts at Google Tag Manager installation and event tracking services. With this powerful tool, we make web analytics simpler and effective. Our team of web marketing experts help you leverage the benefits of Google Tag Manager so that you can focus on your business rather than worrying about coding.

We offer expert services on Google Tag Manager implementation, event tracking, consultancy services, and overall maintenance.

The process we follow for Google Tag Manager implementation:

Set up account and container

Adding snippet of code to your website

Adding tags including Google Analytics, AdWords, and other services

Working with variables

Firing events with triggers

Creating versions

Using custom tags

Implementing data layer



Better Site Speed

When a website has too many tags and code snippets, it potentially has slower page load time that affects the site speed. With Google Tag Manager, we place all the tags within the snippet so that all tags can be managed from one location which ultimately improves website speed.

Google Tag Manager Event Tracking

With Google Tag Manager built in event tracking, our team tracks events on clicks, time specific, form submissions etc. It helps you gain insight into users’ experience, for instance, which links are getting more links than others and so on.

Data Accuracy with Debug Option

Google Tag Manager has a built-in debug feature that lets you test your tags before you publish them to the live site. Data accuracy is crucial and with GTM you can personally test each update before publishing the change so that it never tampers with the live data.

Version Control

Every time you publish an update, it creates a new version. In case any error occurs, GTM lets you rollback to previous version easily and keep tags organized.



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